Why Being Happy Instantly Makes You More Attractive

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Happier people are more attractive to everyone around them and they make a more positive impression wherever they go as well. It doesn't matter what your physical appearance looks like you will instantly be more attractive when you are happy. There are many people who are 'attractive' in the physical sense but are some of the ugliest people you will ever meet. And not only do they give off ugly energy but they can actually become ugly physically in your eyes if you find them to be someone that puts you off. This is just another reason on the long list of reasons to be happier with your life and yourself. Being more attractive to people can help get your further in life because you are more accepted and respected.

Happier people tend to be more positive about everyday situations. If something goes wrong they don't dwell on it for hours on end and, more importantly, they don't bring you down with them for hours on end. Instead they focus on the positive aspects and move on with their day without negative emotions surrounding them. This makes them more attractive and appealing to other people as we naturally like to surround ourselves by people who make us feel good in the moment and positive about the future. So if you are a happy person you can see why it can become easier to work your way up the corporate ladder. A sense of positivity can go a long way for accomplishing tasks and achieving goals and having other people notice as well.

Happier people also tend to be healthier and treat their bodies better. They look after their nutrition and take the time to exercise. This results in a positive self image and usually reflects it physically as well. They have healthier skin and a more radiant appearance then their negative peers. Wrinkles in the form of laugh lines are much more attractive then wrinkles that come from frowning all day.

Happier people have more spark in their eyes and a smile on their face more than negative people. A smile is one of the most attractive qualities that anyone can have. It's inviting and will always get a more positive response out of people then a frown will. I'm talking about a real smile though and not a fake smile that so many negative people put on their face thinking that they are fooling others around them.

And of course happier people say nicer things to other people and treat other people better as well. Kindness and understanding will attract people to you easily as they make other people feel better about themselves and literally have a better day just from talking to you.

For example, let's say your co-worker screws up a task; the way you handle it will greatly alter the way they view you. If you make them feel bad and belittle them in any way you will instantly become less attractive in their eyes but if you show kindness and understanding you will not only be more attractive but you will make them feel better and help them become more productive.

In essence there are many reasons why being happier makes you more attractive to everyone around you. You become someone that other people want to be around, someone that makes other people feel good about themselves, and someone that other people talk about kindly and with sincerity. And you physically become more attractive in their eyes.

On the other hand, if you are negative then you repel people from you because you do no good for anyone else in the way of happiness or self-esteem and you become the person that people use in their examples of what not to do or say. And you physically become less attractive in other people's eyes.

So get happy and instantly become more attractive!


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