Why An Emotional Affair Is Cheating

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


It often starts innocently as a friendly relationship. It's really common for this companionship to blossom into something completely different. As soon as the office fling gets to be more emotionally important compared to the relationship with the legitimate wife or husband, then trouble often starts. This is how an emotional affair starts. Actually, it is looked upon as unfaithfulness by most marriage gurus as well as marriage counselors. Whenever more emotional investments are placed on the other person instead of your own wife or husband, it could be regarded as being unfaithful even if sex isn't involved.
An emotional affair can be defined as a love affair that doesn't involve physical intimacy only emotional intimacy. It may be harmful for the emotional connection of married couples. Based on the available data, emotional affairs tend to be more prevalent than infidelity. When a friendship eats more time than the maintenance of the married partnership, you can say that friendship isn't appropriate.
Frequently, emotional affairs are kept concealed. The cheating partner will go through great lengths to keep the relationship concealed. The cheating husband or wife will use lies to conceal the unfaithfulness. It's a sign that the unfaithful wife or husband recognizes that the relationship is inappropriate and that is why it needs to be kept a secret.
The old sense of love for the old companion is now substituted by the liking for the newly found pal. The old other half simply doesn't appear to be attractive as before. This leads to pressure in the relationship. You might start noticing fights to come up more frequently.
One of the primary differences of emotional affairs from innocent relationships is that sexual desire exists in emotional affairs. There are indicators you will need to watch out for. When you often think about this new buddy that you daydream, its an indication that you are infatuated. You are eagerly anticipating the next time you will be seeing your new close friend. You no longer reveal your intimate views to your husband or wife but you believe it is much easier to reveal your guarded thoughts with your new pal.
As reported by some marriage experts, avoiding becoming friends with the opposite sex completely is the most effective way to avoid emotional affairs. That is a superb advice coming from experts with years of experience as well as knowledge on how men and women operate psychologically. People are naturally susceptible to being drawn to the opposite sex. That is why it is important to be firm about setting up boundaries. It is not impossible to become pals with the opposite sex without damaging your marriage but the odds that the platonic relationship will become something different are just too high. You will find several marriage counseling books that validate this. Your marriage is the most essential relationship in your life and you need to fight to save it.
It's really important that you plainly establish your limitations with regards to dealing with the opposite sex. An affair may come about if you spend too much time with someone else other than your husband or wife and you are sexually interested in this person. Of course you can continue to be good friends with the opposite sex so long as you don't spend time alone with each other. It makes perfect sense and shouldn't be too hard to adhere to. Of course, if someone really wants to commit infidelity, she or he will find ways to achieve this.

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