Why a good self esteem is necessary for happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Why a good self esteem is necessary for happiness
Self esteem is how we conceptualize ourselves. It reflects the confidence level of the person. High self-esteem is a key ingredient to achieve success and happiness. It will be a stupid question to ask that do you have a self esteem. Because everyone possess a self esteem. But what is important is to assess your self esteem whether it is helping you to achieve happiness. Only a healthy self esteem helps in achieving success and success brings happiness.
Healthy self esteem means to think yourself as high as you think of your peers and friends, thinking yourself as competent as they are and regarding yourself capable of achieving a high position as others. This is the positive attitude that one has for himself. Good self esteem is actually abstract. One feels himself to be competent enough to accept the challenges of life. Self esteem helps in thinking that he is worthy to be happy. It is actually the positive spirit that one holds for himself to face any adverse situation in life.
Self esteem needs to be built. The process to build self esteem is easy but to put it into practice is somewhat difficult. Let's first see how we can build self esteem. When a person succeeds in life, then he earns self confidence from the experience of his success. His level of self confidence empowers him to face any problem in life. This leads him to cope with any adverse situation that life brings.
People who are blessed with good self esteem are always happy because they are ready to accept and learn from their mistakes rather than waste their life regretting what they have not achieved. On the other hand, they do not feel the need to show themselves superior to others. They are not defensive when questioned and are very open in communicating their needs and desires. In today's world where we are used to negative feedbacks, it is difficult to maintain good self esteem. But that makes it all the more important to build good self esteem to achieve happiness. So we need to make a conscious effort to develop it.
You can raise the level of your self esteem by looking at the things that you have done successfully and to consider that every mistake of yours is an opportunity to learn. You should learn to treat yourself as someone special. Good self esteem is necessary to perform a job. If you think yourself as a loser, you will end up being a loser. If you think yourself as a mediocre, you will end up being a mediocre. If you think yourself as a winner, you will no doubt be a winner. So it depends on how you view yourself because it affects your performance. The ways you perform a job will decide your success and success will decide your happiness. So a good self-esteem is necessary for happiness.

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