What Men Should Know In A Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Everybody needs guidance when it comes to relationship problems, most importantly if you're in a serious relationship. Even those guys who have dated and had lots of relationships in the past still ask for advice. There is definitely a big difference between simply dating and maintaining a long-term relationship.
What do men need to do to have a successful relationship?
Taking advice seriously is the secret to make these tips succeed. You may read as plenty of pieces of advice as you can but if you do not take it by heart, nothing will happen. Just don't forget, these things will help you and your relationship develop into a happy and satisfying one.
* Your partner is not one of the boys - You may remember this only when both of you are inside your room while the lights are low but make sure to remember this also when you are outside the room. You and your buddies may hang out and enjoy each other's company without chatting too much, but girls want their presence to be recognized. Girls like to talk with their partner and in turn, they want you to do the same. Try treating your girl the same as how you treat your buddies and you will end up regretting it.
* Your partner does not think the same way as you when it comes to intimacy - When we say intimacy, most men will think of sex, right? Girls do not think the same. To them, it may mean: simply holding hands, cuddling or snuggling on the coach and maybe even stolen hugs or kisses. This advice can help you keep a strong bond with your partner even if the time comes when your need for sex diminishes.
* Your partner may communicate with you in her own way - The difference between how a man and a woman communicate is so big that a lot of books have been created about this topic. To make the most out of this relationship advice for men, determine the middle point so you will find out where to bridge that difference gap. For both of you to have a long-term relationship, learn how to make her to express her thoughts and feelings. Try to make some changes on your part too. You may want to check if you really do it the right way when expressing your message to her clearly and completely.
* Your partner values words the same as actions - Relationship advice for men does not always cover this topic. As we mentioned earlier, men and women differ. Men are action-driven while women are more about words. To maintain harmony in your relationship, make sure to combine these two in order for you to resolve or prevent any problems that might happen. Telling her you love her at the most unexpected of times can make a difference. Help her with the house work, be understanding of her feelings, even doing small romantic actions and many more.
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