What Makes You Happy?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


It is often the smallest things in a persons life that engender a feeling of well being and contentment. How long this feeling exists is variable but the fact that it exits every now and then, even for a fleeting period of time, makes us happy.
Sometimes we acknowledge this feeling within our selves and sometimes it passes with barely an acknowledgement. But if you are in-tune with yourself, and you find it, doesn't it raise your endorphins level to a point that makes you smile and feel good?
The other interesting side effect of this feeling is that it tends to make others around us feel happy too. Whether its because it makes us relax or smile or say something uncommonly nice to someone, it creates a good environment all around us.
Sometimes it can be as simple as taking time out and sitting in the sun. The sun warms us, gives us a dose of Vitamin D which helps our physiologies rebuild themselves and gives us an all over feeling of contentment. The serotonin levels in our bodies rise and lessens the likelihood of depression. Like everything though, if you abuse this feeling and stay too long in the direct sunlight and get badly sunburnt, one does not feel too happy for some days. Another good reason why moderation in all things is essential.
Today though with our "slip, slop, slap and hat" campaigns run by Cancer Foundations everywhere to avoid skin cancers; more people than ever are now suffering from a lack of Vitamin D than previously diagnosed. So because many people have become afraid of causing Melanomas, they are forgoing this simple pleasure that has so many benefits when done in moderation.
What else makes you happy? Is it the unexpected smile from a stranger? This makes me happy to receive and even happier to give. When I see a young Mother walking her child around a shop or explaining to them the benefits or otherwise of some product on a shop shelf, I often try to share a smile with her knowing that these precious times have such a life-long benefit to her child. Children grow up today much sooner than they should so time to share with them is so limited in the whole course of a parents life. It makes me remember when my children were young and how happy I was. Just these memories make me happy.
Something else that makes me happy is to take time out and sit and talk with an aged person. This person has lived a life full of ups and downs, good things and sad things, but they have been to places or done things that I either want to, or hope I never have to, experience. They are usually wise and lonely and sitting with them for a few minutes of my life is personally rewarding. It seems to make them happy too to know that someone has taken a pause in their busy day to acknowledge their presence. Making them happy makes me happy.
The whole point of my title question was to get you to ask yourself this question: "What makes you Happy"? And if you feel a sense of contentment and well being right now at this point in time, savour and appreciate it because you are happy right now.

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