Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Realizing your life's purpose is like climbing up the shaft of a giant catapult, getting inside, slashing the ropes that are holding you back and launching yourself towards the shining castle of your dreams.
We actually have two levels of purpose in our journey through life. One is on the worldly plain and can change with time. The other is at the heart of why we are all here on this human journey and is also at the heart of unveiling the experience of ongoing peace and happiness we strive for. Lets have a look at both.
1. Your Worldly Purpose
What we are looking for here is our 'Unique Life's Purpose' This is the one that all other worldly goals and aims tend to fit within once it is discovered. For example, I feel my worldly purpose is to help others experience joy, peace and happiness in their lives on a consistent basis. Then within that greater purpose many of the goals & dreams I would like to accomplish fit nicely as they are in alignment with this purpose. Naturally these can and generally do change with time.
If you feel you are already clear on your unique purpose in life, fantastic! You could skip to the next section. Otherwise, to find your ultimate life's purpose is not really all that tricky. One way I recommend is that you look into your past for times when you were engaged in activity that felt effortless and fun. Activity that made time stand still, hours passed by and you did not even notice, when you came out of it you felt like you had more energy than when you started. It uplifted you and really made you feel alive.
All of us have these experiences at some point in our lives and it is at these times that we were on purpose and in alignment with our source energy, we just may not have consciously known it. Once you discover your true purpose and maintain positive related action within it, this time stopping joy is exactly what you will feel for the majority of your life within your worldly story!
What was it that you were doing? Were you playing a sport? Were you reading a book? Were you sending an email? What was the email about? Were you playing with children? Were you with your family or friends? Were you at school? Were you at work? Just stop and consider these for a moment.
Now look a little closer, what is it you were actually achieving on an energetic level in each of those experiences? By energetic I mean what were you feeling and therefore what vibration were you sending out to the universe in those moments? Also, what were the outcomes of your actions? Were you bettering yourself in some way? Were you directly assisting others? What were you adding to your life or the lives of others or to the universe itself? And most importantly, how was it purposeful? (Patting your cat can be a purposeful activity by the way)
Ok, now stop, your purpose is within those experiences, while holding those experiences in your mind ask yourself the question again. 'What is my unique life's purpose'? The answer is right there, it has always been right there, it is only a matter of your awareness opening enough to access it. Don't concern yourself with how you will know. You will know. If it does not spring into your mind with all the power that makes you feel elated, do not concern yourself with this. Just trust you have opened the door through which the answer will come and expect it to do so over the next short period and in the meantime carry on with the commitment to your positive thinking. For now though, just read on.
When you do have it. Can you see how all activities you are engaged in right now can be infused with it? If you are pushing burgers in a McDonalds store and hating it, can you see how your current position can be a vehicle through which you can execute your life's purpose? Let me tell you….. It can always be done and, in fact, once you truly see this and take things from this new perspective with a strong sense of purpose, your life story will change dramatically simply because you will be far more engaged in each moment of your experience, and letting life flow through you rather than trying to control the flow of life. This leads us nicely to the greater purpose.
2. The Purpose of Life!
Ok now this is the gem I have been hinting at since the start of this series! This understanding could potentially wipe out the relevance of the entire previous email program for some of you. It is literally 'out of this world'. By that I mean it is not part of this worldly story we are all engaged in and trying so desperately to make better. Rather this understanding points to the ground from which this worldly story springs. This could become quite confusing quite quickly so try to stick with me because it may also become the most liberating understanding you have ever come across.
There is an aspect of you that recognizes that you have a body, yes? You say 'this is MY body'. You say 'I have a body'. Would you then agree that this part of you that can say those things can't be your body? It must come before your body so to speak. Right?
If you 'have' a body then who is the 'you' that 'has' the body?
Let me try to clear this up. The 'you' that 'has' this body is who you actually really are. It is life force energy expressing itself as 'your mind & body'. You are the life force energy. Or we could say, you are consciousness and your body and mind are aspects of your expression.
It's not the other way around as we have been taught. You are not a separate physical unit that contains a portion of consciousness, or a body from which consciousness comes and goes, this has been the great human misconception. The apparent truth is that you are the consciousness and the body plus all forms, including the world appear within you.
The seeming problem with the human condition is that we are totally convinced that we are the story we have projected rather than what has projected it. We believe in it so completely that within the story we are strongly affected by everything that happens and so we are all on an endless mission to make the story better.
Now there is nothing wrong with making the story better, if we are going to dream and have the power to create within the dream then we may as well make it a good dream, there is no doubt about that. However, deep and consistent peace and happiness does not reside within the story. It resides in a far deeper place to which we all have an unbreakable, permanent and immediate connection if we care to look.
The purpose of our existence is simply this. Consciousness is expressing itself into and as this universe in all its forms, including us. Then from this place of unconsciousness (the world of form) we have the ability to become aware and recognize ourselves as the projector of the story (as consciousness) and therefore become liberated within the story. In this way consciousness is experiencing itself consciously and that it seems is the whole purpose.
Just as pure light in deep space cannot be seen, or realized so to speak, unless there is an object for it to reflect off. Consciousness cannot know itself without experience and so the whole physical cosmos has been manifested to that end alone. Through the creation of a dualistic universe, up - down, big - small, in - out, wrong - right, here - there. Experience is born and consciousness can know itself.
Once we, as individual expressions of consciousness not separate from the whole, are self-realized the play of life simply continues but now from a perspective of joyful exploration with no attachment to outcomes within the story because it is all simply a perfect, necessarily dualistic projection. Right here is our deep peace and contentment.
So we have just jumped in the deep end here and no doubt many people will find it a little crazy and even delusional and that is of course fine. But just consider for a moment, could we have it all backwards and so be delusional already? If so then it makes sense that the truth from our current deluded perspective would actually look like the delusion. It's a mind warp, I know.
It is said that this is not something that can be taught or even transferred between individuals. It is an understanding that must be personally realized.

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