What Is Your Life Purpose And Mission In Life? Why Are You Here?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


What Is Your Life Purpose And Mission In Life? Why Are You Here?

A few years ago I met a clairvoyant in Hong Kong and I asked her what is the purpose of our life, why are we here, what is our mission in life? And she said:'' before you are born a script has been written, then they drop you heart on earth and it's up to you to find it''.

Initially I was not very happy with the answer, how does it help me? But it's only a few years later that I really understood what she meant. The purpose of life is to find out what you are born to do or why you are here. It's an easy question but a difficult one to answer for most of us. I used to struggle with this myself and I used some practices to help me find it:

1. Keep a life purpose journal and write down your feelings and emotions about activities that you are involved in. What kind of activities do you love the most. What do you like about your job, is there anything you don't like?

2. Find people who already have discovered their life purpose. How did they find it, what did they do to find it?

3. What are your natural talents and strengths? Is there a special talent that you can use and make a career out of it?

4. Ask yourself, what are my deepest values and beliefs? What are my options if I allow myself to dream?

Your life purpose or mission in life is not something that is found overnight, it's something that grows. Each time you reflect on your life purpose a seed is planted in your spirit and that seed will grow. Give yourself time to explore these questions. A life purpose can also be more than one. Many people believe that a life purpose is one idea or career that you should be doing but this is not the case. Recently I've met a British Lady who developed a unique painting technique which she sells online, she is also an executive coach and British Champion kayaking for females. She told me that she is living a life on purpose and an integrate life with everything that she is passionate about.

Life is not easy but by asking yourself above questions, I am sure you will soon discover your life purpose.

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