What is the typical problem of Adolescence?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

In times of stress, such as when you are under examination, acne tends to increase. That stress is a cause of acne is, however, remains unproven, although it is true that emotional stress can increase the production of hormones. Moreover, the acne itself for the social distress it causes, particularly adolescents, is a source of stress, causing a vicious circle.

Intestinal factors
A Constipation is often a cause of acne. More than hormones influence the intestinal laziness causes a failure to eliminate toxins that accumulate in the body at various levels, especially in the skin thus reducing the effectiveness of the "skin coat" produced by the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Many times, in fact, in mild cases of acne, correction of intestinal disease has brought a considerable improvement of the dermatitis.

Psychosomatic factors
From psychological standpoint skin diseases have always created a lot of interest. In this period a more traditional dermatologists admit that it is important psychosomatic component such obvious evidence in front of the link between anxiety and increase in skin disorders.

Here are the symptom
The area in which it presents more acne is the face and their locations are not uncommon even on the shoulders and chest.

The initial phase
It's characterized by so-called black spots (or blackheads), and these are true "plug" of cells or other substances that occlude the mouth of a sebaceous gland output. The result is a relief given by the bulge underneath the skin, due to the secretion of sebum that is more likely to be discharged outside. This traffic jam, as already said, is the overproduction of sebum by the glands under the hormonal influences.

The second phase
It's called inflammatory, which creates significant local inflammation. He is describing the classic "pimple", but there is a multiplication of the acne quantitative process. At this stage, therefore, the skin is filled with yellow pimples, or boils, certain colonies of bacteria that infect the skin parts of the excretory ducts clogged sebaceous.

The third phase
what therapy is designed to avoid is called nodule cystic. Nodules can be formed precisely, that is very hard expansions inevitable blisters that leave scars. In adulthood (especially those who are addicted to smoking and alcohol, and sometimes at the beginning of menopause) can present so-called acne "rosaceous". The difference with the initial manifestation in juvenile acne is that the face has red blotches with dilated superficial blood vessels. Following can also occur with the phase and the pustule nodulo cistica.

In all cases where there are many spots, you should consult a specialist, especially to assess whether the hormonal element involved in the genesis definitely acne.
In the early stages, in temporary remission, rosaceous, and in that of the acne limited to parts of the face is a great help alternative medicine for their intrinsic characteristic of chemicals and should not be administered to help rebalance the body in general.
Not to forget completely the specialist dietitian: he'll fix the incompatibilities and food to help the intestinal tract to eliminate toxins.

Ten rules to be observed

Never squeeze pimples and blacks. Points for blacks need the intervention of a beautician. With pimples but it runs the risk of infection to expand to other parts of the skin.

Wash your face with warm water. The heat, even through saunas and fumigations, helps rid the skin of the excess sebum.

Beware of the sun. The sun improves acne, but it can dry the skin and sebaceous glands in this case a reaction produce more sebum.

Do not use soaps, degreasers. Sebum is produced in this case the reaction in greater quantities. Instead, use detergent with an acid pH

Taking vitamins A, C and E to nourish and strengthen the skin.

Making clay masks, especially in times of remission. In this case, we use the green clay.

Avoid the so-called Fast Food. Burgers, chips, sugary drinks, irregular meals are all sworn enemies of the skin.

Give priority to dietary whole grains, olive oil, yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins derived from fish and lean meats.

Drink plenty of still water. It's always the best way to moisturize the skin.
Beware of long hair. If not completely clean, may facilitate bacterial infections. Many times acne seems to favor the bangs on her forehead.

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