What is the best age for a person to get married?

Dr. Purushothaman
February 12, 2023

Getting married at an unsuitable age could lead to problems. Indian society is always keen on getting youngsters to get married at an early age. However, with changing times this concept is changing. A decade back, most parents would prefer their children to get married as soon as they crossed their legal marriage age. But now things are different and age between 24 to 29 years is considered as ideal to get married. The following are the reasons why 24 to 29 is the perfect age to get married;

  • The modern-day relationships are much more complicated than earlier times. People now date and know their partners before settling down with them. This makes 24 to 29 years an ideal age for marriage.
  • The perfect age for marriage will always be debatable. But when it comes to completing education, self-development, accomplishing goals, financially independent, etc. 24 to 29 years is a suitable age.
  • When you marry between 24 to 29 years of age, you have finished your college and education life. You now have time to do things you always wanted to do in life. In the process, you might meet your life partner.
  • Many studies have found that people who get married after attaining maturity have a lower divorce rate.
  • When you marry at 24 to 29 years of age, you are more likely to find a partner who shares similar views like yours. You become self-aware and know what kind of partner is ideal for you.

The above mentioned are some of the reasons that make 24 to 29 years an ideal age for marriage. If at any point in life you need the assistance of a counsellor to deal with the pre or post marriage dilemmas, you can get in touch with Living in Wellbeing. You can also involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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