What is Spiritual Health & How to Obtain It

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Spiritual health can refer to a lot of things, some people consider that to be spiritually healthy has to do with a person's values, their beliefs, and their purpose in life. What exactly is needed to learn how to obtain spiritual health, will vary from person to person and can encompass a lot of factors.
To begin with, a person's values for life can be influenced by their religion or their culture. People with strong religious beliefs use them as a guide to what their morals and values include. People who do not have religious beliefs decide for themselves what values they hold to in life.
Many values people hold dear include: treating people with kindness, never stealing, and many other things in this vein. Values serve as a guide to how you live your life when combined with a person's personal beliefs and their life goal.
The beliefs one holds to in their life can also be affected by cultural influences and religious beliefs. Some people use the bible as a source for beliefs and some people discover their beliefs for themselves. However, no matter what the source of your beliefs it is a crucial part of getting spiritually healthy.
If you go against the beliefs you have set for your life it can cause you to never gain this type of health. Many beliefs people use as a life guide include: living well in this life to gain happiness in the next life, treating others as well as you wish they would treat you, living by the example set by the Buddha or Jesus Christ, and just trying for being the best person you can while on this earth.
Taking care of your body and mind can be an important part of gaining spiritual type of health. Things such as the way you eat and being mentally healthy can affect how you feel on a spiritual level. It is important for your diet to consist of whole food such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and drinking lots of water. When you feel good physically then you can begin to feel good on a spiritual level.
In the matter of one's purpose for life there are tons of variations. The reason one has for living could be to be an artist or create things, or it could be to successfully raise children, it could be being a doctor and save lives, or any number of things. If you stay true to this purpose you have chosen for yourself then getting spiritually healthy will be close at hand. Doing things to promote what path you choose in life will help you get healthy in all aspects especially spiritually.
If you successfully synthesize these three things, values, beliefs, and life purpose, then you will be well on your way to being spiritually healthy. If you try to get healthy on your own, but find it difficult, then you can try having a coach help you with getting healthy in this way.
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