What Is Spiritual Coaching And Can It Really Benefit You?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


If you do a web search for spiritual coaching you'll find that there are many coaches marketing themselves in this niche and there's also a lot of books written about the subject.
Spiritual (or spirituality) coaching facilitates the exploration of your own spirituality. It is an approach which aims to connect you to a deeper level that is beyond your mind and helps you in your quest for inner peace and happiness. It helps you to connect with who you truly and the values by which you live your life.

Many of us get to a point in life when we start to question what else there is to life. We may have achieved success whether this is a high paid job, a nice house, a family and have everything else that we once aspired to, but are still left with a feeling that there is something missing. This may manifest itself as a feeling of not being fulfilled, unhappiness or even depression. Then we try and compensate by chasing more of what we think we need only to find that we are no closer to finding out what we are seeking.
One way of starting to connect to your spirituality is to start to examine your own personal values, in other words connect you to what is really important to you. At face value this may seem like an easy task and if you are asked what is important to you may respond by naming things such as your family, money, your job, your friends etc. But it is only when you delve a little deeper that you start to discover what your true values are. For example if you have said family is important to you then there could have a range of underpinning values. This may be a value of connection that is important to you, or care, a sense of belonging or even security.
We all have our own unique set of values which could range from trust, achievement, faith, feeling a sense of responsibility towards the environment or independence. When we truly connect with our values and discover who we truly are life feels good, we feel good and we feel a sense that life is complete.
So why might you seek spiritual coaching?
You may seek coaching for a number of reasons.
It may be that you just have this sense there is something 'missing' and are ready to find what that is. You may have achieved all the materialistic goals in your life and found that these alone are not enough. It may be that you have undergone a bereavement or be suffering from the breakup of a relationship and are looking for something that will help to relieve the pain. Perhaps you feel that no matter how hard you try nothing seems to go your way and you are looking for an alternative approach. Or simply perhaps you are looking for peace and happiness.
All of these are very good reasons to at least explore what spiritual coaching has to offer. Even the exploration itself may help you to answer some questions for you.
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