What Is Meditation In Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


What is Meditation? By definition, it is thought to be the discipline of measuring the mind. At least that is its etymology. But to understand how to meditate, surely it requires a great deal of inquiry beyond any form of theory.
Since antiquity to the modern day, so much is written on this subject. In fact, the moment one hears the word meditation; so many ideas spring up within us. We must doubt and question the validity of this word to discover the truth.
So let us look into what is the fact or fiction of this one word. What exactly is meditation and does it have any meaning at all? Have you ever pondered such a question? When at once you are truly touched by the true essence of meditation, you will discover it is truly a simple and natural wonder. But, to point it out to another, it becomes a very complex affair. It evokes many erroneous concepts and ideas that are far from the fact. With all the so-called experts and spiritual teachers who proclaim they have understanding, it is a very confusing thing to most of us. So let us, if we may, indulge for the moment to see if we can shed some light on this rather elusive topic.
Now the moment one hears the word meditation, the mind quickly responds from the memory bank with its vast storehouse of information. There is this automatic reaching back into the past as memory. So, when we are faced with something fundamental, the self seeks the mental storage of the mind. Out of habit, we look for everything of life in our memory or in the influence of another who proclaims they know. Which means, as long as we continue to look to others, we will never discover the truth. Without finding out for ourselves, we will never discover the truth of meditation.
To ask deeply, what is meditation; one must go beyond the mind as memory. In realizing this, we discover meditation is not a thing of the past. To search ones memory is to raise the definitive meaning of past experiences that one thinks this word means. And this is why spirituality is one of the most seemingly complex factors of life.
Spirituality can not be taught, measured or touched by ignorance. It is to discover that meditation is not a thing of the psyche. For it is living death and can not be captured by the mind. In fact, meditation is one of the most sacred things of all. It transcends the mind as memory and can not be grasped by the intellect or reason. Understand, it can not be fashioned, carved or cornered by the cleverness of man. We can only come upon meditation through negation. By understanding what is not meditation, the actual meaning comes into discovery.
So the moment we are faced with the idea of a technique or method of meditation, the very attempt is without meaning. The moment someone teaches us how to meditate, that is not meditation. Meditation is without form or confinement. This means, the moment we hear anyone speak of their particular technique or formula of meditation it is a false thing. All such techniques of meditation are tricks of the psyche and do not transcend the limitations of the mind as self. And, being a thing of the mind, it is not meditation.
Now it is rather simple to see that all such meditation systems can only bring about the limited silence of the mind and the no-mind. No system of meditation, no matter how cleverly structured by any so-called yoga teacher or spiritual guide, can bring about this silent stillness that is beyond the material.
Spiritual meditation, which is not a technique or method, is not a mental thing and has no limitations. So it becomes clear, meditation within spirituality is the understanding of yourself without any form of censorship. It is the complete perception of seeing yourself just as you are. It is the open doorway that leads to the divine, effortlessly. In fact, it is the eternal medicine that cures all our fundamental problems. And to enter the divine, to awaken the sacred ground of all things, the idea of mind as self has to come to an end. In this ending, there is the death of the idea of self. In this ending, there is the awakening of this living silence. A silence that outshines the mind as thought, noise and sorrow.
This silent bliss that is beyond all religions and all faiths transcends this mortal existence. It is this depthlessness of spiritual meditation that awakens to that which is eternal life, beauty and the glory of immortality.
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Spiritual Teacher Adonis Alexander is the Author of, "Secret Sayings Of Adonis." He is also the founder of the Adonis Alexander Foundation.

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