What Is Emotional Freedom Technique And How Can It Help You?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014

Emotional freedom technique or EFT is the group of strong processes which can support everybody to attain true freedom from the emotions that have generated problems in their lives. These techniques are developed as breakthroughs in the area of psychology. Thousands of people use this technique successfully in various types of difficulties. These techniques are becoming popular as modern miracle because it not only reveals emotional disturbances but also physical symptoms and are also very easy to learn. It works just in minutes and has long lasting results and side effects are also positive.
Numerous therapists are using emotional freedom technique on number of clients and are getting successful results even on difficult cases. But one thing is important to know that the effectiveness of Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is related to human energy system. Human body not only includes physical body which requires food to produce energy, but also have an intricate energy system which requires electrical impulses to run and to go through the body. The disturbance in this energy system is the main cause of the disturbances or problems which people face in their daily lives. Imbalance in this system causes emotional disturbances such as phobias, anger, grief, guilt, depression, anxiety and a full range of fears. Physical symptoms can also be present such as pain, headaches, asthma and tension. EFT gives quick relief in majority of these problems and its results are also long lasting.
The EFT is based on the belief that all the disturbances and problems are caused by the disturbance in human energy system. EFT works to relieve system with remarkable consistency in such a way that tapping with fingers is done on short series of point all over the body. These points are considered acupuncture points on the energy meridians. This tapering is done to balance the flow of energy system through the meridian system by overcoming the corresponding blockage. This emotional freedom technique of tapering work very effectively in releasing the blockage which is produced when person becomes involved in emotionally disturbed conditions or person thinks about them. Emotions become balanced as soon as the blockage is released. One god thing about EFT is that once the emotions become balanced, person never gets upset about those circumstances even if he tries too hard he can't. The memory is still there but that negative change has gone instead it has now become positive.
Some problems can be healed or relieved within short period of time through this process. Some other may take time and need repetition of the process. Some problems or energetic patterns that have been relieved successfully through emotional freedom technique are as following: Emotions regarding physical conditions, disturbing emotions like depression and anger, insomnia, emotions that are related to addiction such as smoking or eating patterns., phobias such as fear of heights, flying, driving, enclosed places and emotional traumas such as from physical abuse or from war experiences. Emotional freedom technique is always effective as it takes affect in mastering the human brain to bring about a desired cure.

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