What Is Acceptance?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 3, 2013

To accept something is to let it be as it is, to not fight it, not even the idea of it, internally. It is to be open to what is, however it may be, without resistance. It is the understanding that every moment changes; therefore, what may be now will change. This allows continual acceptance to happen. When we create resistance against ideas, moments, thoughts, feelings, others, or anything at all, we are forcing ourselves into one way of living. It is saying I can only be happy if I approve and accept what is happening or going on around me. We are controlling our level of happiness and discomfort by allowing ourselves to exist in this way. When we accept fully, we accept everything, not just what we deem appropriate, believe in, or approve of. There can always seem to be something that is unacceptable, but this is the idea that we are in charge of. It is our standards ruling over our happiness.

You might wonder if, on a larger scale, something is happening that seems wrong, does it make it okay? Does it mean you must always accept everything? Acceptance is not controlled; you cannot be truly accepting and withhold acceptance from a limited few. Acceptance is nonjudgmental; acceptance is complete. We cannot approve of something and still accept it. Acceptance in life is being part of life, flowing with it, open to it, because you have not created any barriers. There is no separation between what you accept about life and what you do not. It brings you closer to life in a more complete way.

What if there is something you truly do not approve of, something that must change to better all those involved? Can you do this with acceptance in your heart? True acceptance is seeking change, but at the same time accepting what it is that is happening. If you are open to what it is that you are seeking to resolve, you will find the solution easier with a clear heart and mind. If you are closed off and fighting the idea of what it is, then you are creating a battle instead of finding a resolution. Acceptance, even on this level, is very important. On a smaller level, within your own life, on a day-to-day basis, seeking acceptance gives you a peace of mind you may not have had before. It lifts away the resistance, the struggle with even the smallest things, that otherwise would have created problems for you. Living and viewing life from this perspective gives you room to not only be okay with what is, but it also helps you to see life from another vantage point. When you take away the act of not accepting something, you take away struggle. You live with life, instead of against it, and then you can finally be at peace with everything.

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