What Is a Life Coach - Do I Need One?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


With the changing economy and boom of startups, freelance work, and creative career paths there are a lot of changes that individuals face both on a personal and a professional level. More and more people are finding that they are struggling with balancing work life and home life whether it's raising a family, dealing with interpersonal relationships, dating, or friendships. The 21st century is marked with a significant amount of change and is continuing to change faster than most people can keep up with. As a result anxiety, depression, and dependency on medication are at an all time high. Since the nature of this world doesn't look like it's letting up any time soon the role of a life coach has been created to help individuals cope, manage goals, and thrive in today's highly competitive world.
The role of the coach has been around since the late 1800s. People most often can associate the word 'Life Coach' with organized sports such as basketball or football. These coaches have been used over the years to help with mental visualizations, designing gaming tactical solutions, and if done well, lead their team to success. In 1974 W. T. Gallwey entitled "The Inner Game of Tennis." Many viewed this book as an insight into the mental tactics of tennis and began applying these principles to the real world. This booked marked a major transition from the sports coaching model of control into developing a fine tuned personal coaching method. Specifically Thomas Leonard was the foremost champion of developing a systematic approach to regulating, teaching, and spreading the word of personal coaching. Now, it is a growing industry with somewhere between 30,000 to 80,000 life coaches. There are no rules, laws, or regulations with Life Coach and therefore one should be careful when selecting. Make sure that the individual has proper credentials such as an LMSW or has a diploma from a respected curriculum.
Whether your desires are to organize your closet, finally make that scrap book, entertain for a party of 20, or finally start your business venture a Life Coach Adelaide can help. The purpose of the life coach is to question and challenge the coaches to find a solution within them based on their values, desires, and needs. There are various categories. There are different professionals with different expertise's such as business, personal, executive, and relationship coaching. It is important to stress that a life coach is not a therapist or a psychologist. Instead this practice is designed for people who are not sick and are in a situation to move forward.
There are many resources online to find help. Using an online website is an excellent beginning. Make sure that you set up a preliminary session first to get a good feel.

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