What Gives Life Purpose? 4 Forces That Lead to a More Fulfilled Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


A closer look at nature tells us nothing happens by accident. There's reason why the house fly has hundreds of eyes; there's rhyme to millions of butterflies migrating south every year. One can never
mistake Mother Nature's chaos for randomness --- everything happens for a purpose.
The certainty that life isn't just about survival --- that we can look forward to something greater than ourselves --- is comforting. It makes every day in a routinary job a cause for celebration; it turns even annoyances into blessedness. Indeed, what separates really living from merely existing is the quest
for purpose.
Which begs the question: what gives life purpose?
Before the philosophers start breathing down our necks, it's important to note that what gives life purpose is a very subjective thing. The answer has many colors and many facets; which is why the
meaning of life is still being debated upon up to this day! But when you think about it, the answer is quite straightforward. What gives life purpose is the deep awareness of why you're doing the things you
do, and a great love for this force that drives your life.
Looking for that extra bounce in your steps? Consider the following forces that have helped
people live purposeful lives:
The certainty of being loved
We learn who we are from the experience of being loved. When our parents are neglectful, we internalize the belief that we're inadequate. When our friends abandon us in our deepest need, we
consider ourselves unworthy of another person's sacrifice. But when you have the certainty that those you care about feel the same way that you do, you have found what gives your life purpose. We no longer search for that elusive something that can fill the void in our days.
Do you live your life as if it doesn't matter to someone else? Do you take unnecessary risks, or indulge in a lot of self-defeating behaviors? If the answer to these questions is yes, look around! If you know of no one who loves you, it's never too late to create fulfilling relationships. If you believe in a
Higher Power, what gives your life purpose is a relationship with God. Many have found their calling by being the best person they can be for those they care about.
Living up to one's potentials.
We all have gifts, and we're most content when we're sharing these gifts with the world! Our talents are part of who we are; when these abilities are affirmed, we ourselves feel affirmed. So, whatever talents you possess, nurture them! They can fuel your passion! What gives life purpose is knowing you're able to use what you're good at for something very rewarding.
Seeing life events fall into a grand scheme.
Those who have lived a little know that life experiences look different once the wrinkles set in. What looked like a crisis, with perspective, may actually be the beginning of a miracle. Bankruptcy may have felt like the end of the world when it was all happening, but fast forward a few years and it may be the catalyst for sharper business acumen. A family tragedy is traumatic, but it also has the power of bringing together people who wouldn't otherwise have spoken. What gives life purpose is the interpretation that we give to the seemingly random events of every day.
Ken Hudgins said that "the meaning of life is to give life meaning." If you want to know what gives life purpose, you need to be able to attribute to life experiences the lessons they're meant to teach. Every experience contributes to whom we are meant to be; the key is in being able to distill the good and get rid of the bad.
Giving love.
Lastly, what gives life purpose is being able to make a difference in another person's life.
A sign of maturity is the ability to look past our egos and see that there are many around us who need our help. When you're able to temporarily disregard your own needs and ambitions, you allow
yourself to get into the view of every person in the planet interacting on a daily a basis. You are a significant part of this system! So do your bit. Whether it's through volunteering in a soup kitchen, or giving a down-on-her-luck employee her first break, you'll soon realize that there is unbelievable joy in helping others.

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