What are the Two Rules for Happy Living?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013

There are two rules that L. Ron Hubbard wrote were prime for a person to be able to live a happy life. The first is: Be able to experience anything. And the second is: Cause only those things which others are able to experience easily.

While there have been many golden rules in different philosophies, they have only allowed the person applying the rule to be the cause of the rule, and they have not allowed the receiver to be cause. So while a religion may be able to say, do to others that you would have wanted done to you, it does not state what to do when someone does evil and harm to you. How do you get out of harm's way to then be happy.

Certainly, one could be a martyr, but being a martyr is only again pushing one's own rightness upon one. It does not give a rule on what to do from the other point of view.

Few people - either divinely inspired or otherwise - have attempted to state clearly how to be happy.

When one can experience anything, that anything simply does not seem to happen. If one was to say, he could not experience a violent act, and if such an act was to happen, then that person had to either say, he could experience the act, and it was not that bad and he was happy with it, or he could not experience it and he was very unhappy about it.

To be happy L. Ron Hubbard wrote that a person must be able to be able to confront those things as they are. If you were to look at your life you would be able to see that those things which you are hung up in are those things which you have done to others which they could not easily experience. You will not feel good about those things. And the more you have done to others which they could not experience easily, the worse you got.

So we find that all bad acts are those which cannot be easily experienced by the receiver of the act. This then allows us to ask the question of how we can describe what a bad act is. Obvious a bad act is what others could not experience from us easily. Not only do such acts become harmful to the receiver, they hang us up too, because we know we would not have wanted to receive them ourselves.

Have a look around the world today. Where you see violence it is where you see someone who could not experience something and they are reacting accordingly with violence. Such violence then begets more violence until one finally meets someone applying the above rules for happy living. Then quiet and happiness returns.

If a person were to apply these golden rules he indeed would be happy. It does take a certain depth of character to apply them, so good luck.

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