What an Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Did you ever hear that saying attitude is everything? If you have just wanted to let you know its a true statement. Who knew that attitude would play a major part of our lives. Its funny how one situation between two people can have very different outcomes. Its all because of attitude. Attitude has a huge impact on everything that you decide to involve yourself in or become a part of. If you have your own business you better understand that your attitude will make or break you when leading people. Developing a positive attitude is very important but doesn't come easy. Positive attitude is a key that allows you to turn around any circumstance for your advantage. A positive attitude allows you to accept the situation and then use it to your advantage.

Well I guess its time for an attitude check and just because I wrote this article doesn't mean I'm the best at this it definitely took me some time to develop a winning attitude. Before we get into developing a wining attitude I want you to check yours right now. Think back to some situations in your past and ask yourself could I have handled that a little better, maybe a lot better than what I did? If so I just first want to say congratulations your human! Not everybody can always remain cool headed in some situations but it is good practice to develop a good attitude.

First step to developing a good attitude is you have to know what ticks you off. How weird is that huh but its very true. How can you ever develop a good attitude otherwise. Think about it. By knowing what ticks you off it allows you now to be able to "bend" to situations and not have the situation bend you. In network marketing I've seen the top leaders and even the upcoming leaders obtaining unbelievable growth and I just watched wishing it was me. Why, part of the reason is that they had winning attitudes already established in their heads that they are going to do this regardless of anything. Their attitudes along with other things were all about winning with the attitudes they had they were able to win. Their attitudes allowed them to act, not get left behind wishing they could become a leader. Leaders seize the opportunity they just take it and run but what makes them do that? Attitude you better believe it.

Always remember that the winning attitude that you develop will be a key to generate your victory for success. Be in control of the situations that try to bend you backwards with complications and stress. I heard a mentor of mine once say that it is usually the tiny foxes that try to spoil the vine. He was talking about the little worries and stresses of life that come, always come in that form little. They are the little foxes that try to spoil the vine, the vine being your joy. Its attitude that will push you forward, that will allow you to seize every opportunity, and will make you that leader that every wants to follow.

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