Ways To Grow Spiritually

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Ways to grow spiritually are several. First you have to find some other higher power than ourselves. You may call it God, Allah, Buddha, or anything else. The thing is we have to believe in something that we cannot see. It should be a source of energy that you can relate to. When we have that energy source you must believe that it is your guide. There have been many recorded dealings with spirit guides, ghosts, and departed relatives that have given guidance to people. Spirituality is a feeling that you have inside. You can always touch a doorknob or a piece of furniture. You can feel that but you can't take it with you. Spirituality is something that you always have no matter where you are. Ways to grow spiritually is a personal thing. You can read about it but it must be of your own choosing. When I finally found my spiritual guide I wasn't even looking. It just happened. We all need to grow spiritually and it is something that needs to be done on a daily basis. If you have the right spirit guide you will have this done without even thinking about it. When we grow we won't even know it. It usually happens gradually and as long as you keep working at it you will get the satisfaction that you deserve. After all that is what we are all looking for and we can always work with other powers that you believe in. You are not confined to use just one. I have always used whatever I should want. A belief in more than one spiritual guide is not uncommon. It is just a matter of personal choice. It seems that the more that I do the more that I believe in things that I have never thought of. Knowledge is the power that we have and the more that I know the more choices that I find that I have. Ways to grow spiritually is to keep an open mind and be observant. If you find someone with a belief other than yours ask them questions about their beliefs. That is the only way that you can find out things. If you don't ask you will never learn. With the things that I have learned I can actually say that what I was taught as a child is not all that I believe today. Spiritual growth is one thing that cannot really be taught. You have a choice, to believe or not. It is a personal thing that we are responsible for. When we make the choice we are living in what we have to keep in our hearts. Spirituality is forever and we live by it.
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