Walking For Your Health

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

What is healthy if you talk about food?

This question goes a lot deeper than one would suspect at first sight. Let's break it down in a logical way.

Why do we need food in the first place?

We need to nourish our bodies to sustain basic functioning of all our bodily functions. Research shows us that we need different kinds of elements to keep our body-factory working.

Furthermore we need energy to be able to do something with our bodies.

Most people will take the statements above as 2 facts.

Where the disagreement is, is on how we should acquire these elements and this energy.

Ok, so what should we eat?

A broad discussion, of which many are not really aware, is going on about what mankind is supposed to eat in the first place.What type of food are we designed for.

From a scientific standing point, one would research what people digest best, or most effectively, and what type of food would have the least side-effects.

A big and growing current in this respect is people who believe in the "paleo"-diet.

What is the paleo-diet?

The paleo-diet is a diet based on the fact that research shows that our early ancestors would eat a small variety of food. As a way of natural selection the people with bad eating habits would not survive.

The research for the diet isn't primarily for finding answers on how to lose weight or eat healthier,but on which type of food our species survived best.

Do you want to lose some weight? Don't want to get into sweating, puffing, snorting race with your friend or partner? Then you should just try walking for your health and weight loss. You do not have to go out and buy those 200 dollar pair of walking shoes, unless you want to look good while walking by that good looking woman or man. You don't want to try walking in those favorite flip-flops either, bad for the feet.

A good firm pair of tennis shoes will be just fine for you to walk around the neighborhood. A better pair of shoes for that walk down the all dusty road would be best. The main idea here is to walk for your health.

You need to stretch out those muscles before any exercise, warm them up so as not to cramp up or damage your tendons. All stretched out, then let's walk people. Whoa, not so fast, we are not jogging, we are going for a long walk. Don't stroll when you go for that walk. You have to set a pace that will make you exert some energy to burn off those calories. For your health you should set a goal as to how far you want to walk, a brisk pace is best for burning fat .Do not try to see how far you can walk ,you may not be able to get back.

Losing weight is one result from walking ,you can burn more calories walking one mile than if you jogged one mile. This will cause you to lose those extra pounds you are worried about.I recently lost 20 pounds by walking my neighborhood for 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back for a period of 6 weeks.I lost this weight after discovering my pants seem to shrink every time I put them on.

I have exercised most of my adult life, for my health. I was a schoolteacher for a number of years and failed to realize I was gaining weight, mostly in my stomach. My blood pressure had also risen, so along with the weight lifting I did , I added a walking exercise to my workout routine. In just a few weeks I had lost the 20 pounds, and I also left off some extra carbs-BREAD.

Walking along with a better diet will be better for your health and will help you keep off those pounds that seem to creep in when you least expect it.You do not have to give up entirely on the sweet carbs, because a brisk walk will burn off the fat calories.

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