Various Stages of Spiritual Practices or Sadhana

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

So far uncovering of the 5 sheaths and Kundalini Shakti or Divine Serpent Power activation have been looked upon as very special but also very difficult to execute. To an extent this is true. Yet our endeavour has been such that all beneficial methods should be made available to the common mass. Due to the Lords grace we have tasted success in a major way. This is proved by the fact that Gayatri Meditation which was previously a great secret and difficult to execute, has been made available to the layman. Within India and all over the world millions of human being have imbibed the easy path of Gayatri worship. Due to Mother Gayatris blessings they are gaining strength of character. Kundalini worship along with that of the 5 sheaths that fall within the realm of Brahmavarchas spiritual practice, have been put forth in such a way that a man living in any situation can attain benefits of high leveled Yogic practices.
The 2 spiritual practices of Brahmavarchas give a lot of importance to concentration of the mind along with meditation. This is most required. Man possesses 2 great powers viz. Sankalpa (mental resolve) and sacred emotions. Both of these can positively influence the gross and subtle human bodies. Via concentration and meditation, these 2 bodies are made radiant and are then made apt use of. Thus concentration and meditation are the foundation stones of activating the 5 sheaths and Kundalini based spiritual practices. Generally each spiritual practice has 5 helper practices. A spiritual seeker slowly but surely augments them. The more it gains intensity the more ones concentration and meditation deepens. In this book we have laid emphasis on the methods of concentration and meditation. The other helper spiritual practices have been detailed in another book called Brahmavarchas ki Das Sahayogi Sadhanayain.
In high leveled spiritual practices (Sadhana) the inner powers are given a special direction and flow. It is helped by our mental resolve and sacred aspirations. Extraordinary efforts are required to give an apt direction to these energy streams. Not only does a spiritual seeker make use of his own limited powers but seeks divine powers from the Lord. While chanting the Gayatri Mantra when we say Prachodayat, we are in effect praying that may our consciousness walk on the path of greatness. In high leveled spiritual practices this ordinary prayer has to be converted into an intense Sankalpa (resolve), agitated insistence and radiant direction, only then do our spiritual practices become vitalized.
In both the 5 sheathed practices and Kundalini Yoga, one has to give a proper direction to ones mental resolve and sacred emotions. On this very basis one meditates too. After every step some time is given so that the inner soul imbibes it and puts it into practice. On the basis of the following directions generally 45 minutes are taken up while concentration/meditation are executed.
While keeping in mind these directions, it is difficult to execute meditation in that very manner. Only when one truly imbibes these directions is it possible. As soon as we lay emphasis on our memory, our mental energies used for meditation get scattered and thus the standard of our meditation diminishes. Hence it is best that a few people perform congregational meditation and one person speaks about the directions in a stepwise manner. One can even make use of a tape-recorder.
Shantikunj-Haridwar (India) carries out Brahmavarchas camps in which participants are taught to carry out special spiritual practices. It is very important that a spiritual seeker avails of an apt environment, direct guidance and powerful protection when he carries out spiritual practices. Thus in the beginning stages one should learn all this in Brahmavarchas Camps. Until then one can carry out concentration /meditation techniques. Never should one execute high leveled spiritual practices without proper guidance. Helper spiritual practices are varied and are meant for people with various mental states. Thus it is most required that they be carried out only with proper guidance. Once one learns it properly, one can march ahead slowly but surely on ones own. It is apt that concentration / meditation be executed in a congregational fashion.
Concentration / meditation should be carried out only once a week in ones own place. Helper spiritual practices can be executed daily, based on ones own inner state. Concentration / meditation practices should be undertaken in a quiet, serene environment. It should be carried out during Brahma Muhurat (i.e. in the morning between 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.). All spiritual seekers should be seated after cleaning themselves properly. Directions should be given by an individual or via a tape-recorder.
The benefits of concentration / meditation accrue only if a spiritual seeker understands its deep import and philosophy. Directions will vibrate in every participants ears yet depending on ones inner capabilities, different people will show different stages of progress. Hence emphasis has been laid on listening and deeply reflecting on these directions and executing a meditation technique in which all this is put into practice. A spiritual seeker can execute a particular meditation technique every week based on his liking and mental state. If he wishes to carry out both, it is best he executes 5 sheathed practices and Kundalini activation once. Over here in the beginning stages, directions for mediation have been given and then its philosophy, spiritual principles and nature have been elucidated. With which direction of meditation, one should make efforts for what type of an experience? As an answer various paragraphs have been written.
Over here we should understand that one moves ahead stepwise on the path of spirituality. If one tries to rashly speedup things, the results will be nought. Every seeker who wishes to enter the realms of high leveled Gayatri Meditation is first asked to execute primary spiritual practices so as to make his psyche more receptive. In Shantikunj Camps, new seekers are asked to commence spiritual practices under apt protection. But outside of Shantikunj people are asked to go ahead only in a stepwise manner. Following is the method of concentration /meditation that has been classified in 3 legs.
1) Entry into the fundamental stages of meditation: This method commences with Dhyan Mudra which later gives experience of oneness with Savita Energy. This particular leg is found equally in 5 sheathed and Kundalini meditation.
2) Special meditation program: Over here via concentration /meditation the inner energy streams are made more conducive with respect to the 5 sheaths or Kundalini worship. Both these methods have different steps.
3) Shanti Paath at the end: This is carried out after special methods are completed and is undertaken in an equal manner in both meditation methods.
As shown above the beginning and end of both meditation directions are same. They differ only in the middle stages. Yet for better understanding the directions of meditation of 2 types are enumerated separately. But while speaking about it there is no need for repetition. Hence the description of primary directions of meditation (fundamental) has been given along with that of 5 sheathed meditation. In the end Shanti Paath (prayer to God for world peace) has been described.
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