Using the Positive Attitude to Treat Cancer

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

People who are fear of physical examination are generally holding a similar idea: "there has the problem to be checked to the disease as the good healthy body." The reason of the people to afraid of the physical examination is they feat that they are suffering from such as malignant tumors terminally disease.

Understanding of disease, education is very important. The more people understand, the fears can be overcome. Cancer Advisory Board of the World detection and effective treatment Health Organization survey report shows that: 1/3 of the tumor can be prevented; 1/3 of the tumor can be early; 1/3 of patients with advanced cancer can prolong life and improve the living quality through treatment. Experts said that about 1/4 of cancer patients in China can survive five years or more, and this proportion is higher in Shanghai, which is up to 1/3.

Talking about the cancer is also a phenomenon which should be overcome. Due to some tragic story is always easier to impress people, so many stories of cancer patients struggle with the disease also be rendered very cruel and terror. Furthermore, it is also had a strong sense of identity for these value of the negative events. Professor Yao Yang suggested any case, when people face disease; they need to use a healthy attitude. We can say that the key to treat disease is not keep a healthy state of mind to face a variety of problems and difficulties

This possibility does exist, although the proportion is not higher. This is also related to face a focus on hospital treatment, that is, "Do you want to tell the patient the truth. Professor Yao Yang said, the consensus is that different patients require different treatment. Mental capacity, good psychological quality patient should be told; mental capacity, older people still advocate conceal.

In fact, if every cancer patient knows their condition, he will experience a common psychological reaction: refuse - anxiety - to adapt. Most people can slowly adjust their psychological and accept the reality, and then adapt to the surrounding environment to restore normal life. When people were checked as the disease, they should maintain the positive attitude.

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