Understanding All About Mind Power

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing, and it's actually a magnet to things that happen in your life. What you think and see is eventually what you're going to attract. This is known as The Law of Attraction and is specifically the power of your own mind.
This is real mind power! If you can think and feel and believe that you will have a great life, then you will. First you must imagine it and that takes practice. But with persistence in anything you do, you can achieve success. The mind is a remarkable thing.
And by the way, this is something that we all have. We all have the ability to use our mind power to the best of our ability and outcomes. However, most of us don't because we just don't think we can. Yet, researchers have shown that we only use about 10% of our brainpower. Don't you think that's crazy? Most of us stick with the tried and true, things we only know, and that's what we live with.
When we fail at something, rather than learning from it, we let it act as a negative magnet, pulling further ill will and misfortune upon us. The things that we think happen to us because we let them.
The reality of life first happens within the mind. Whatever you have accumulated thus far has been a result of your mind power. It has been said that everyone has psychic and extra sensory skills or 'powers', but in reality, it is simply a state of advanced subconscious mind power.
If you want something better out of life, you just have to visualize it.and this works in reverse, too. People who expect the worst, get the worst.
So instead of going through life like them, why don't we teach you the right way to use your mind? It all starts with visualization. If you've ever seen the movie 'Happy Gilmore' with Adam Sandler, his coach in the movie helps him create a happy place to allow him to make the putt. However, there is a time where he tries to think happy thoughts, but the negative ones take over.
Visualizing simply means that you sit down and think of images and pictures inside your head, of things that you want. These images can eventually be brought to life in reality, but first you have to start with yourself and ultimately, your subconscious mind.
Your subconscious mind is more powerful than anything else, in that it can really bring your visualizations to life like nothing else. The images in your mind have to be positive because that's the only way they can get to you. You need to think about how you want your life to be before you try to do this, though.
It may be a help to you if you write everything down on a piece of paper, either in bullet format where you simply list the things you want to achieve, or by creating a story whereby you are the central player, living your best life. What goals do you have for yourself? Write those down so that you have something to shoot for. Then, create visions around those goals. When you write things down, it makes it hard to forget what you've visualized and it also helps cement them in your subconscious mind as well.
You can also increase your mind power by doing affirmations. Affirmations are simply little pieces of encouragement that you give yourself as you go throughout your day. It can be a bit of positive encouragement about anything. For example, you can say that you're going to lose 10 pounds in a month.
And it doesn't matter if it's something you're not used to it first. If you do it for 28 days, you'll notice that it'll start to become a habit.
You can also develop your mind power by using brainwave entrainment. This is simply synchronizing brain waves through the use of different frequencies, by using audio technology. Our brains are very good at doing things, and one of them is that it can actually heal itself. Entrainment can actually help you tap into this even more.
It also can improve memory and awaken our natural psychic powers. Mind power can be greatly enhanced through the use of these different frequencies. This is an advanced method of expanding mind power but it brings amazing results.
Related to that is hypnosis, which works on a similar principle. The subject goes into a hypnotic trance and lets their subconscious mind open up to take new impressions. Hypnotherapy recordings are a lot like hearing someone repeat the same positive message, over and over again. This can be used to curb addictive behaviors, induce people to lose weight, even boost self confidence and positive imagery.
These people become convinced through their subconscious minds that they are able to quit smoking. They are convinced to believe in themselves when before they did not.
Everyone has mind power, even you. It is just a matter of believing in it and your mind's ability. It is probably not going to happen overnight, but you can use it overtime to change your life and bring positivity and good luck into your life. It is simply about communicating to the universe what you want and pulling it to you.
Remember everything starts with the subconscious mind. The only thing holding you back is your conscious mind!

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