Try these Habits to become Smarter

Tips to become smarter

Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017

Becoming a smarter and better person is a usual dream in our life. We are growing up in our mind and body every day. Every day we are gaining more experiences and we are also changing ourselves and we are becoming better and better. We usually think that getting smarter is a very easy thing that happens suddenly. But the fact is that to become a smarter person, it requires constant awareness, attention, alertness and sincere efforts. For every change to become a better or smarter person we should change our mind set up according. In our words, we should re-program our mind in that direction. Here we are giving some simple and easy techniques which when practice regularly will make you to become a person that you really want.
1. Every day write down 5 to 10 new creative ideas and just think about it.
2. Go through the news in the media and think about the things that are useful for you.
3. Do something daily against your routine activities.
4. Make it a habit to read one chapter from a book, either fiction or non-fiction.
5. Make it a habit watching educational and self-help videos instead of the routine TV shows.
6. Always subscribe to useful information from interesting websites.
7. Make a list of should visit best websites and blogs and bookmark it.
8. Always tell others what you have learned and studied.
9. Daily make a what to do list.
10. Make it a habit to write down your random thoughts.
11. Always stimulate your mind and brain by various techniques.
12. Follow the persons who are smarter than you.
13. Try to learn something from everyday experiences.
14. Ask a single question to yourself to find out an answer.
15. Increase your vocabulary by studying one new word daily.
16. Do something that others don't do.
17. Search and Explore new possibilities in life.
18. Be exited and enchanted with the success you had in your life.
19. Do something practical about what you have learned yesterday.
20. Sit silently for 20 minutes Morning and Evening without doing anything.

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