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Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

True Science is the Hero Product that contains the blend of herbs known as Protandim. This blend of herbs has been shown to reduce Oxidative stress very effectively. Oxidative stress is the damaged caused by our normal exhaust of metabolism and the buildup of free radicals in our cells. If these free radicals build up and overload our cells we start to run into problems.
True Science Anti-aging cream takes the blend of Protandim and provides protection to the cells of the skin from the outside in. When taken in conjunction with Protandim pills it is extremely effective in reducing the negative effects of Oxidative stress.
There are many many products on the market today with substantial claims. The problem is that there are not substantial findings in many cases. Protandim has been published in 10 studies to date on the National Institute of Health's website

Louisiana State University even showed that Protandim reversed the link to Melanoma's!
True Science ingredients are more important than other skin care products on the market, including the groundbreaking antioxidant therapy Protandim.

True Science anti-aging skin cream applies cutting edge science to battle aging externally and contains the ingredients of Protandim, found to prevent cell damage internally.
True Science gives skin
a beautiful, even and smooth tone
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Provides a vibrant and glowing appearance.
Kimberly Stone, M.D and leading Denver-based board-certified dermatologist declared:
"I believe that Life Vantage True Science is a key complementary product to Protandim. The ravages of aging have a variety of causes and battling them at both the cellular and external levels is very important to long term health."
Hydrating/Moisturizing - True Science features a Lamellar Phase Emulsion System that forms a liquid emulsion barrier for superior moisturizing without a thick, oily feel. Moreover, True Science also contains extracts of sandalwood, philodendron bark and barley, all of which deliver exotic fatty acids to retain the body's natural moisture and produce a high-end moisturizing effect. Finally, it also features sodium hyaluronate, which is a superior moisture binding agent that can balance moisture levels at the surface of the skin.

Toning/Brightening - The turmeric extract in True Science is specially modified to remove the majority of yellow compounds without reducing the effectiveness of its potent curcuminoids. Curcuminoids have been shown to produce a gentle skin lightening that evens dis-pigmentation.

Collagen Renewal/Skin Repair - Two polypeptides promote collagen and elastin production for increased density and more extracellular matrix for enhanced support. Cytokines from whey protein and vitamins C and E also boost collagen synthesis.

Antioxidant Protection - Several ingredients promote the neutralizing of and protection from free radicals. Green tea extract, turmeric, ginseng root, yeast extract, aloe vera extract, and vitamins C and E all provide a wide array of antioxidant support to prevent and repair damaged skin cells and tissue.

Wrinkles/Fine Lines - The palm peptides and leucojum aestivum bulb extract in True Science are all shown to visibly reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines. They may also help promote a thicker epidermis and dermis for less skin transparency for improved tone and texture.

All-Inclusive - Unlike most other skin care lines, the True Science anti-aging cream eliminates the need for an extra eye cream due to its wide-ranging benefits.

Lipid Rejuvenation - True Science delivers multiple ingredients, including sandalwood oil, philodendron bark extract, barley extract and a proprietary blend of glycolipids, soy phytosterols and hyaluronic acid, to mimic the naturally occurring lipid structure in the skin and to retain the body's own moisturizing lipids.

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