Transform your Mind; Mind is the seeds.

Dr. Purushothaman
September 17, 2013

It is Natural that flowers (Honey) Attracts Bees,

Sugar Attracts Ants (though some Ants bite people, I think these are meat-eater Ants),

Rotten Foods and Smelly Shit Attract Houseflies

My dear friends, please check who are your friends?

By knowing who your friends are, then you would known whether you are a smelly shit or a sweet person?

It is the Law of Nature that when you plant mango seeds, these seeds grow to become the mango trees and gives you many mango fruits when these trees are mature.

It is impossible when you plant the mango seeds and it turn up to become the apple trees.

Therefore, when you plant the mango seeds, and you should not expect to get apples, oranges and other fruits except mango.

If you are not a sweet, kind, gentle and patience person. Let says your personality is poor like shit then you should know whom and what are attracted to you…… It is naturally you are attracted to unfinished problems, bad people and many poor friends around you.

How to solve the above problems?
6. Must Follow The Wise.

7. Transform your MIND; MIND is the seeds. Please remember this.

8. If you want mango fruits then you must plant only mango seeds not others.

9. Plant and cultivate good seeds (Good Personality) in your mind on your daily affair whenever YOU interact with people. Then you will able to reap many sweet mango fruits.

10. To Be Successful, You have NO other choice but to follow The Wise who are already successful and Cultivate Your Own Mind.

Empty your cup, so that I can pour additional value to you

1. Different people having different Ideas & Perceptions.

2. Therefore, Different business Suits Different People as because different people are skilled and good at different things.

3. Each of us think my Ideas & Opinions and my conclusion is The Best, Mine is Right, You Are Wrong.

4. This is why 90% failed & ONLY 10% succeed.

5. Most frightening is that this 10% successful people Own 90% of Total Wealth on Earth & the Balance of 10% Wealth is shared by 90% of World Population.

6. So WHICH group is you belong to, my dear friend?

7. Empty your cup, so that I can pour additional value to you in order you can be more successful financially.

8. If you are rich, so what?

9. The 10% of the richest people on earth still suffer. Most of them do not know how to look into their mind and be happy.

10. The rich people have their other worldly worries and problems, maybe bigger than yours such as where to invest?

What to Invest?

How to make more money?

How to prevent loss?

Where to keep the money?

11.They might even suffer from family problems.

12. Do you think rich people do not have family problems.

13. The rich people usually do a lot of charity and yet they are not peaceful and happy, maybe their health is not good.


15. Every one of us knows about this, but we always forget and neglect health.

16. Stop arguing, Stop debating, Stop thinking you are always Right, Others are Wrong.

Stop creating new enemies from now onwards.
17. What is the point when you have wealth and health and still not happy?

18. And what is the point when you are healthy and stay additional 15 to 20 years longer than others, but always arguing, worrying and having family problems.

19. What is the point when you are rich, not having many good friends, old and lonely and not happy?

20. Learn how to be happy.

For the POOR, the 1st thing you need is to have an opportunity to earn
Step 1: Comfortable income monthly.
Step 2: Learn to Train & Transform Your Mind & Be Happy Always. (For the POOR & RICH)

21. Learn how to pass away peacefully and live happily without regrets.
1st tips ~ Forgive yourself and Forgive the other persons who make you angry.

22. Please remind me to share more in future.

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