Training Your Mind On How To Be Successful

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014

What your mind can conceive, you can achieve. This is the concept behind the best ways on how to be successful - realising the limitless potential of the mind especially the subconscious mind. This is also the idea behind creative visualization where imagination translates into action and action translates into realization. How then can the limitless potential of the mind be used in your daily life? Listen very carefully, as if you can master what I'm about to share with you an abundance of success can be created in your life!
Be the Master of Your Mind
Most individuals allow their minds and, consequently, their thoughts, feelings and emotions to become their masters. The result is a life lived without purpose, without direction and without a plan because the mind possesses no real wisdom on its own. The mind is not the totality of your being but it is only a tool for constructive thinking, so much so that you can choose what to think and what not to think.
Indeed, you must become the master of your own mind when you desire to become the master of your own destiny. Take command of your mind through various means including meditation, creative visualization and purposeful thinking. These methods are tools toward answering life-changing questions such as where you are now, where you wish to go, and how you wish to go there. You are well on your way toward reprogramming your mind so that you have total control over it instead of your mind taking total control over your life.
By becoming the master of your own mind, you eliminate its innate negative thoughts. You start to focus on the positive aspects of your life and let positivity become your guiding principle in life. You have discovered one of the foundations of how to be successful - overcoming the mind's innate negativity with purposeful positivity.
Affirmation is one of the most effective ways to reprogram your mind, which will lead to the development of a more positive self-perception. You can start by focusing on your positive attributes, writing your goals in positive terms (avoid using words like "no" or "don't"), and matching these two aspects. Remember that your conscious affirmation will sink in to your subconscious mind and then become part of it. You will then observe positive changes in your behavior and actions.
Be the Master of Your Behaviors and Actions
When you are the master of your own mind, you can be the master of your own behaviors and actions. You become more purposeful in what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. You start to react to circumstances in ways that fit your overall plan for a successful life instead of letting passing circumstances derail your plans.
Your behaviors and actions are now aligned with your life goals, whether said life goals pertain to:
• Success in your profession
• Creation of desired levels of material wealth
• Happiness in the love department
• Fulfillment with family life
• Healthy body and mind
Each day, you live your life so that each action contributes to the achievement of your goals.
Be a Master at Thought Transference
You should also master thought transference, which is defined as the ability to influence the thoughts of other individuals. You have to be able to transmit your thoughts in an effective manner to other people, persuade them to invest in your plans, and provide assistance in other relevant matters. Keep in mind that you have to be enthusiastic, persuasive and committed when enlisting the assistance of other individuals to your cause. You must use motivational techniques coupled with an inspirational attitude to achieve such a goal.
In conclusion, the most effective way on how to be successful is to be a master of your mind, your actions and then your environment. Start with your mind first and see where it takes you in life as if the mind is in the right space all the success you could have ever asked for will simply follow

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