Tips to set and attain goals

tips for reaching goals

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Plan your life
2. To achieve each plan, set goals
3. Give equal priority to each goal
4. Planning helps us to be eager and more hopeful in life
5. We tend to prepare for the next step in the achievement of our goals
6. List our short term and long term goals
7. Start with the short term goal
8. Work a little on long term goal each day
9. Never work on more than two goals a day. You will lack concentration
10. Set goals which you can work on
11. Never dream of accomplishing anything which is to an extent impossible
12. Always be ready to work for the execution of your plan
13. Keep off your laziness
14. Motivate yourself to set apart laziness and work for the achievement
15. Assign a time limit for each goal
16. Modify your goals if necessary
17. Be flexible
18. Take one step a day towards your goal
19. Preparation is necessary for reaching your goal
20. Proper training is necessary
21. Develop reading habit
22. Be open minded
23. Develop grasping powers
24. Use the right words at the right time
25. Read newspaper daily
26. Set off negative people aside
27. Set off negative thoughts aside
28. Understand that “Nothing is impossible”

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