Tips to reprogram your mind

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Accept the reality that new knowledge gives us more exposure
2. Always be aware of what to accept and what to reject
3. Try to get more positive ideas and thoughts
4. Avoid watching negative or violent movies.
5. Read what is good
6. Spend time for yourself
7. Get up early in the morning to give time for yourself
8. Meditate and pray during morning hours
9. Enjoy the beauty of the nature. This will rejuvenate you. It helps you to be receptive
10. Stop talking negatively to yourself
11. Speak to yourself in an encouraging way
12. Be positive
13. Always encourage yourself to do good things
14. Remind your mind that you can do everything
15. Look at the mirror and say that you are beautiful or handsome
16. Encourage your mind to do what you think is impossible
17. Dream big. This can help your mind to reprogram your thoughts to the ways of getting to your result that is your dream or goal
18. Pretend that we achieved our goals. This will help us to have self confidence to achieve new things in life
19. Eliminate people who pull you down. Negative vibes are to be put off
20. While programming your mind for the achievement of any goal, make sure that your goals are realistic ones
21. Try to ignore your problems. Problems come up every second. Program your mind for finding solutions and not to worry on it
22. To program your subconscious mind, you need to use powers of imagination, practice, listening and regular programming or reminding the mind of the changes to be made
23. Aim one at a time. Never mix up your aims
24. Believe in you and your wonderful mind, its powers and possibilities.
25. Be confident

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