Tips To Realize Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Count your blessings. Whence the last time you were grateful for your refrigerator?
2. Be impressed by slam poetry. What a talent.
3. Be impeccably tidy. Dress informed low energy days.
4. Relish chocolate.
5. Learn to vary your spirit.
6. Forgive your folks.
7. Write down what you promise others.
8. Do the work.
9. Apply feeling to life.
10. Comply with disagreeing.
11. Be willing to compromise.
12. Love cyanogenetic individuals from a distance.
13. Stay faithful your dreams and visions it will come true.
14. Eliminate all varieties of negative media from your life.
15. Live the life you’ve imaginary.
16. Be faithful to yourself.
17. Just begin a new life style.
18. Convey ahead to all ideas
19. Use your imagination for all new things in life

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