Tips to manage time

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. List out your tasks
2. Make a to-do list
3. Prioritize your tasks
4. Finish your tasks one by one
5. Balance on effort
6. Complete small tasks
7. Finish small portions of future tasks
8. Choose your productive time
9. Schedule time
10. Choose a time limit for each task
11. Be quick enough to finish a task within the scheduled time
12. Put yourself in a race against time
13. Take short breaks
14. Develop your mind to take control of your frustrations
15. Treat failures as lessons to achieve your goal
16. Try to be assertive
17. Politely say ‘no’ to unnecessary needs
18. Help others
19. Share problems with others
20. Avoid helping others when you have too much of work
21. Identify when you waste time the most
22. Think on ways to make leisure time more productive, and execute what you plan

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