Tips to develop learning skills

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Alert your mind
2. Be receptive
3. Read books or information from the internet
4. Learn something each day
5. Learning something new helps us to be more confident in facing world
6. Never allow your pride to prevent you from asking questions
7. Develop observation skills
8. Develop listening skills
9. Be a patient listener
10. Write down what you have learnt
11. Jot down your experiences
12. Find time to meditate
13. Learning has to be a continuous process
14. Learn a new language
15. Travel helps in gaining more knowledge
16. Talking to unfamiliar people helps to gain new experiences
17. Read something which you are not at all interested at all.
18. Read every article in the newspaper
19. Meditate
20. Use every opportunity to gain new knowledge

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