Tips to become a good mentor

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Mentors have to develop listening skills
2. Be patient while listening
3. Never hurry
4. Be polite to the mentor
5. A good mentor is always kind and has respect for others
6. Humility is a mark of a mentor. If you assume yourself as superior to others, then you will not be able to help others
7. Always provide positive thoughts to the mentor
8. Encourage mentor in every way and assure them that all is well
9. Share your experience with the mentor
10. A mentor needs to spare a few hours of their day to the mentor
11. If a mentor feels that the mentor need more help immediately, advice them to take professional help
12. Mentors never push.
13. Mentors guide
14. Mentors point out the negative points of the mentor for making them perfect enough to avoid the mistakes they were doing
15. Mentors encourage even though the mentor had a very bad time and find it difficult to cope up with
16. Mentors are those who succeed in their life and are also those who help others to succeed
17. Understand that mentors have the power to life the mentor from their difficult situation
18. Mentor’s good attitude can clear the mentor’s clogged mind
19. Make the mentor feel special
20. Provide the mentor with positive thoughts

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