Tips To Avoid External Issues


Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Stop observance and reading news
2. Learn one thing new
3. Check out nature
4. Laugh some a lot of
5. Write out 3 belongings you are grateful for each single day
6. Start making your life and your future!
7. Start hanging out with happy folks
8. Don’t begin with profundities
9. Do let the sun go down on anger
10. Fake it until you're feeling it
11. Realize that something price doing is price doing badly
12. Don’t treat the blues with a “treat.”
13. Buy some happiness
14. Don’t put into effect the simplest
15. Exercise to spice up energy
16. Stop shrewish
17. Take action
18. Keep a happiness journal
19. Schedule short, frequent vacations
20. Identify your greatest strengths

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