Tips to accept reality

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Never imagine that things will happen
2. Be realistic in approaching life
3. Always think about the end results which can be either good or bad
4. Be prepared for facing any tough situation in life
5. Needs should be recognized by you
6. Never think extreme
7. Consult with an expert about your plans
8. Always prepare yourself for the best
9. Study on a subject before you go for it
10. Think before you talk and act
11. Think of the other person sitting in front of you
12. Be simple and humble
13. Dream with an aim in mind
14. Dreams must not be wild.
15. Dream with a purpose
16. Always have a good aim in life
17. Try to do what you can
18. Act authentically. This is possible if you believe in yourself
19. If you commit mistakes, do admit
20. Be friendly and accept people who are good and helpful. Accept people who believe in real life and not fantasies
21. Encourage positive thinking
22. Get inspired from the experiences of other people

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