Tips For Understanding All

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Notice what’s right in your life and follow it to make it more good
2. Be grateful to all you are dealing with
3. Bear in mind the child you were
4. Be kind to all people you are talking
5. Pay time along with your friends for refreshing mind
6. Savor each moment for happy memories
7. Rest for a fixed time in your life
8. Placed on a contented face for happiness
9. Move to new thoughts!
10. Pursue your goals and get experience
11. Finding your vocation in foreign countries
12. Get into the flow
13. Play to your strengths
14. Don’t make it
15. Forget regret
16. Learn from failure
17. Raise facilitates
18. Believe you're worthy
19. Take 100% responsibility
20. Recognize what you would like
21. Trust someone
22. Keep the religion

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