Tips For Taking Good Thoughts

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Life is simply too Short so make it happy
2. Don't Take Yourself therefore Seriously.
3. You Don't need to Win each Argument. Comply with Disagree.
4. Make Peace along with your Past therefore It will not Spoil this.
5. Don't Compare Your Life To Others'. You've got No plan What Their Journey Is All regarding. Don’t Compare Your Partner With Others.
6. No One Is accountable Of Your Happiness Except You.
7. Forgive everybody For Everything.
8. What people think about You Is None Of Your Business.
9. GOD ! Heals Everything.
10. However smart Or unhealthy A scenario Is, it'll modification.
11. Your Job will not beware Of You after you area unit Sick. Your Friends can. Keep to bear.
12. Get obviate something that may not helpful, lovely Or Joyful.
13. Envy could be a Waste of your time. You have already got All you wish.
14. The Best Is nevertheless to return.
15. No Matter however you are feeling, Get Up, Dress Up And Show Up.
16. Do the proper Thing!
17. Call Your Family typically.
18. Your intimate is usually Happy. Therefore Be Happy.
19. Each Day offer one thing smart To Others.
20. Don't Over Do. Keep Your Limits.
21. When You Awake Alive within the Morning, give thanks GOD For It.

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