Tips for being Successful

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Be yourself
2. Never shape yourself in the mold of another person
3. Follow your passion
4. Try to learn a skill which can earn you good finances
5. Make sacrifices in your professional life in order to gain success in personal life
6. Use money as a means of buying income-producing assets
7. Avoid debt
8. Never allow yourself to be insulted by others
9. Give value to your time-never waste it
10. Take quick decisions and think quick before taking decisions
11. Be modest and down to earth
12. Be honest
13. Always focus on your life and work
14. Distractions have to be cut off from your life
15. Never be selfish and self-centered
16. Use failure or pain in your life to motivate you and not to destroy you
17. Be tough enough to face tougher situations
18. Plan your day well
19. Plan your future systematically
20. Inspire yourself with the lives of successful people
21. Never get disappointed at failures
22. Be happy for the success of another person
23. Identify your skills and give perfection to them
24. Focus on main objectives
25. Complete minor objectives at once
26. Be happy for what you are
27. Take risks in life
28. Be persistent
29. Learn more
30. Cut off fear from your life

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