Tips for Solving Problems in life

how to make a good life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Erase the unpleasant past
2. Believe that you are the most excellent creation of the Almighty
3. You are born for a purpose. So be energetic
4. Never over estimate yourself
5. Gain the missing thing in your life
6. Learn new things in life
7. Cross your regular thought process
8. Get up and be creative
9. Problems are nothing compared to our vast possibilities to solve them
10. Never under estimate your possibilities and talents
11. Uncertainty and Fear are the biggest stumbling blocks that hold you from succeeding
12. Always be your guide and philosopher
13. Be self confident. If you lose it, then nothing can support you
14. Listen to your body. Relax yourself when you find that your body is reacting towards the tension
15. Never clog your mind with thoughts
16. Have healthy contacts
17. Forgive and love others
18. Be pleasant and cheerful
19. Spend time with loved ones when you are not able to relax
20. Pray regularly. Helps to keep you calm in difficult situations

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