Tips For Sharing Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Offer others your knowledge.
2. Do not offer unasked for recommendation.
3. To produce a healthy diet and persist with it!
4. Purchase your date's dinner.
5. Plant a tree.
6. Learn to like yourself.
7. Stop whining. Amendment what you complain regarding. Let the remainder go.
8. Become involved in one thing you think of.
9. Believe in yourself.
10. Get pleasure from your journey.
11. Learn the way to touch upon anger, yours, and others.
12. Use music to alter your mood.
13. Compliment others typically. Ne'er leaves kind words in explicit.
14. Do not save your good things for later.
15. Fondness is not attained, it's freely given.
16. Abide less of everything except love.
17. Visit American state.
18. Has a “Yes” therefore massive it permits you to mention “No.”
19. Learn the way to mention, “No, that’s not progressing to work on my views.” Don’t provide associate degree excuse.
20. Stop shopping for dearly-won low

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