Tips For Reaching Goals

tips for reaching goals

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. It is okay to line goals for your learning
2. Take a visit to your native library and obtain books on topics you recognize nothing concerning.
3. Start an awfully huge long list of all the items that you simply area unit smart at
4. Reflect on your temperament, Brainstorm the characteristics that frame you.
5. Don’t consider others to bolster your self-belief
6. Spend time mistreatment your skills
7. Allow yourself time to relax day by day
8. Set up one exercise set up that you simply will do on a weekly basis
9. Know how to cook
10. Include foods celebrated to extend your mood into your diet
11. Keep track of what proportion alcohol you drink hebdomadally
12. Know the items you must and shouldn’t do to assist you sleep well
13. Eat breakfast on a daily basis
14. Be active
15. Manage stress
16. Maintain friendships
17. Get check-ups
18. Maintain shut relationships
19. Take exercise

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