Tips For Managing Financial Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Use the cash saved for a visit at the top of the year.
2. Purchase a decent try of latest Balance athletic shoes and walk or run systematically.
3. Learn the way to receive in a happy way
4. Learn to relish reading.
5. Admit once you’re wrong.
6. Let others have the last word.
7. Dropping of the quilt. It's wasted energy.
8. Bit the individuals you like.
9. Paint one thing.
10. Respect yourself. Do not tolerate abuse.
11. Learn to apologize.
12. Learn to dislike sustenance.
13. Eat advertently.
14. Ne'er visit somebody empty two-handed.
15. Be Who in life you're.
16. Perceive and settle for your weaknesses and shortcomings. Everybody has them.
17. Continuously hold the door open for the writer you.
18. Decision your mother nowadays. Better yet, send her chocolates.

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