Tips For Managing Entertainment

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Cut-short your T V looking time
2. Stop consumption victuals.
3. Stop consumption pizza pie and cooked foods.
4. Stop driving places that you just may simply walk to.
5. Read a minimum of one book a month.
6. Take categories in what interests you or your vocation.
7. Work enough to support yourself.
8. Pay off your debts and do not get into debt
9. Don't buy an automotive on finance, and do not get an upscale automotive if a less expensive one that works is on the market.
10. Wake up early, and find all of your work done as quickly as attainable
11. Drink alcohol less or quit.
12. Do drugs less or quit.
13. Don't smoke cigarettes.
14. Don't eat foods with high levels sirup.
15. Don't drink soda.
16. Don't eat sweet foods in the slightest degree.
17. Don't drink quite one glass of juice per day.
18. Stand up straight and have a smart posture.
19. Look folks within the eyes after you see them.
20. Smile always for nothing.
21. Be polite.

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