Tips For Making Good Relationships

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Show up one thing in life.
2. Repeat people’s names once you meet them.
3. Flip net access on your phone
4. Get a deck of Oblique methods cards. Use them.
5. Create your home an area wherever you are feeling safe.
6. Take individuals informed bets. Create additional bets yourself.
7. Take cold showers. They’re higher than low.
8. Learn to get pleasure from hunger.
9. Create everything either shorter, or longer, then it has to be.
10. Continuously keep in mind people who helped you. Deliver 2 or thrice the maximum amount price back.
11. But also, facilitate those that have not helped you, and can’t.
12. Once you understand that pain is temporary, it affects all of your selections.
13. Get a tattoo. Don’t worry regarding regret.
14. Plan for things, regularly, that square measure so much on the far side your ability.
15. Meet with friends additional typically than you're thinking that you've got to.
16. Learn to meditate. Press on a retreat if you've got to.
17. Your story square measures each additional and less fascinating than you're thinking that.
18. Learn to actually listen.
19. Walk more
20. Ugly is simply a step the thanks to stunning.

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