Tips For Making A Pretty Life

how to make a good life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Collaborate with others for all reasons.
2. Learn to admit, “I don’t grasp in an easy way.”
3. Realize one thing to believe.
4. Get the assistance you would like.
5. Learn the way to cook.
6. Dare to be your best.
7. Take risks. Do what scares you.
8. See the beauty in the world.
9. Celebrate what’s right with the globe.
10. Do one thing well each day.
11. Encourage others.
12. Create a distinction.
13. Still learning one thing new.
14. Mentor somebody.
15. Learn to be thrifty.
16. Play time with youngsters and therefore the aged.
17. Be honest concerning your taxes.
18. Come to live and attend sleep at constant time each day.
19. Don’t bet against yourself. Believe yourself.
20. Don’t litter your mind or setting.

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