Tips For Magnificent Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Give up the thought of dominant others
2. Stop wanting in everybody else's back yard
3. Give yourself permission
4. Simplify your life
5. Define the distinction between authority vs. dominant
6. Teach folks a way to treat you
7. Develop personal boundaries
8. Start with heart
9. Develop a network
10. Have feeling
11. Make happiness a priority
12. Make plans to be happy
13. Set happy goals
14. Do things that cause you to happy
15. Set yourself tasks from that you’ll gain
16. Play and celebrate
17. Identify wherever your strengths lie
18. Utilize your strengths
19. Be curious
20. Be grateful and appreciate what you've got
21. Learn to love and ideally to like yourself
22. Socialize and act with others the maximum amount as potential
23. Weed out unhelpful thoughts
24. Plant happier, optimistic thoughts
25. Live a healthy life
26. You must sleep for an enough time
27. Manage some time and priorities
28. Control what you'll management
29. Live within the moment
30. Make happiness associate degree integral a part of your life

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