Tips for leading an ideal family life

how to make a good family

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. A healthy talk between husband and wife on any problem can reduce tension
2. Appreciate your spouse
3. Express your love
4. Family life depends on love and affection of the members
5. Mutual understanding between members help in making family life happier
6. Respect each other
7. Express and exchange personal views regarding family issues
8. Talk calmly and openly
9. Evening with family must not be interrupted by the hindrance of electronic gadgets
10. Bringing work to home will not allow you to spend time with your family
11. Head of the family must be responsible. The balance of the family depends on him
12. Children should be brought up with good values
13. Live together
14. Be selfless
15. Ideal family avoids communication gaps
16. Ideal family has no place for doubts. If you have, get clarifications
17. Be friendly to your kids
18. Understand your Spouse, kids and parents
19. Play your role well
20. Avoid unnecessary stress in relationships
21. Take time while making important decisions
22. Communicate with your family often
23. Change your plans when things are not working the old way
24. Change the differences of opinion in family life
25. A hug and a pat can work wonders in family life

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