Tips for leading a relaxed active life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Recognize your goals in life
2. Split your goals into long term and short term goals
3. Write down your goals
4. View the progress of your effort
5. Tick mark the achieved goals
6. Do one job at a time
7. Never rush
8. Stay calm while working
9. Do your work sincerely
10. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life
11. Never blame yourself for past failures.
12. Have a clear ambition in life
13. Dream your ambition and work for it
14. Never pressurize yourself with loads of work.
15. Work in parts.
16. Give space between two works.
17. Plan your day well
18. Allot time for regular exercise
19. Talk in a calm manner
20. Be pleasant
21. Cook your food
22. Clean your house
23. Try to do household chores yourself
24. Discard unwanted things from your house
25. Change your approach towards work
26. Change your attitude towards life
27. Never listen to people who nag or criticize you
28. Allow healthy criticism
29. Complete unfinished projects or tasks.
30. Learn new things in life
31. Outsource work if you are overburdened
32. Avoid net surfing during innovative hours
33. Avoid distractions while working
34. Work in a peaceful atmosphere

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