Tips for leading a happy life

Tips For Leading A Good Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Never get upset on a bad situation
2. Try to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere
3. Work according to your will
4. Never allow another person to act as a hindrance to your work
5. Expect new things in life. Hope gives life to our day
6. Be with your friends when time permits
7. Accept life as it is. Keep moving even when you are happy or unhappy
8. Be in active spirits always and never even dream of being inactive
9. Smile and the world will smile
10. Being blue is natural but that is not the end of the world
11. Always expect good things out of your life
12. Avoid and ignore negative people from your life
13. Do good to others
14. Be helpful
15. Go for vacations once in 6 months
16. Stop worrying. Life will move on even if you worry or not
17. Laugh out loud. It relaxes you
18. Sleep well. Avoid late night shows on TV. You need rest
19. Listen to music. Music is the beginning of relaxation
20. Cluttered atmosphere has to be cleared. Tidy up your room like you dress up neatly everyday
21. Spend time for gardening. Greens cool your eyes and mind
22. Spend free time with your family
23. Use your leisure time well. Of course switch off your TV
24. Love your pets
25. Jot down your day in a diary
26. Read. Visit your library once in a week
27. Give priority to close relationships
28. Help your kids in their studies and projects
29. Make your spouse feel special. An outing once in a while will help
30. Create a positive posture. A good body language helps

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