Tips for leading a balanced life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Everything is important in a Balanced life
2. Do every work with the same spirit
3. Importance should not be focused on work alone
4. Give preference to family too
5. Enjoy little joys of life
6. Every area of life is important
7. Care for your health
8. Remember that each area of your life is interconnected. Give sufficient time for each.
9. Have a good control of your life to avoid stress
10. Enjoy recreation and indulge in hobbies
11. Be productive
12. Successful people need to be spend time on themselves too
13. Invest your time in spending with good people who give you positive vibes
14. Think positive
15. Pamper yourself with occasional treats
16. Avoid unwanted people who create negativity in you
17. Create a good routine
18. Care for your health
19. Regular exercise, yoga or meditation is a must
20. Listen to music if you are stressed out
21. Read books and articles which give you tips on balancing your life
22. Avoid cell phones when you are with your loved ones
23. Allot time for each work. Make a time table.
24. Be gentle towards others
25. Pray regularly

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